They already think you’re crazy…

I was running along the Lakefront Trail the other day training for the Bank of America Chicago Marathon with Team CCO, and I was passing, though slowly, a pair of runners, whom I’ll call Pink and Blue. I heard the best marathon fundraising advice, ever! Between strained breaths: Pink says: I’m not doing well with my fundraising. Blue replies: Why? P: I don’t know how to ask, what will they think? B: Seriously, it’s simple. Everyone you know will … Continue reading

A Flood of Volunteers

The water just kept pouring in as we were hit hard by a torrential summer storm a few weeks ago. After salvaging what donations we could we began the daunting task of sorting through mounds clothing that had been sitting in over 5 inches of water before they began to mildew. Luckily, our first YouthWorks group of the summer arrived that day eager to help in any way possible. Armed with gloves and trash bags … Continue reading