A Letter to Shelter Providers

Please visit your state or city Health Department website for information. This letter is NOT meant to replace any CDC or Health Department information. Dear Shelter Provider, Hello! I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing to offer you something that may help you protect your population. I am specifically thinking of shelters located in cities and states that have no plan in place yet. We’ve got to do everything we can for … Continue reading

Shop For A Cause!

Shop For A Cause with Cornerstone & Swedemom.com This holiday season shop our online retail store for that special gift through our partnership with Swedemom Center of Giving. With Swedemom’s help, we are able to turn high-end donations, vintage goods, and items that aren’t immediately useful for shelter guests into useable income for Cornerstone. This process allows us to be better stewards of peoples’ good intentions and make the best use of ALL donations while … Continue reading

Kicks 4 The City – 8th Annual Shoe Drive

Today Kicks 4 The City fit everyone at the Cornerstone cafeteria personally, with a new pair of shoes. The smiles were contagious, and gratitude so high.We are so grateful to Justin, Paige and all the amazing people who came today to make so many happy and provide such an essential item as shoes. This was Kicks 4 The City’s 8th annual Shoe Drive!  📷: Mike Rivera


Join Team CCO for the 2020 Bank of America Chicago Marathon Over 330 people stay at Cornerstone Community Outreach who are experiencing homelessness. What’s one way you can help them on their path to being housed? Run a marathon! Yes, that is a daunting task, but for those who decide to put one foot in front of the other, the path is there! With Team CCO, our charity fitness crew, you can use your love of running … Continue reading

Burlington Delivering Good!

As Burlington kicks off their 13th annual coat drive, Common (yes that Common!) and Common Ground Foundation brought in coats to start it up. This partnership including Delivering Good brings hundreds if not thousands of coats to Chicago residents in need, and specifically to those experiencing homelessness being advocated for by Cornerstone and its staff. @common@commongroundfnd@burlingtonstyle@deliveringgood