Team CCO & the Shamrock Shuffle

Five members of Team CCO crossed the finish line at this year’s Bank of America Shamrock Shuffle. We want to say thanks to each runner and walker who raised awareness and funds for the families and single adults sheltered at CCO! Learn more about other exciting events Team CCO has to offer by clicking here. #RunForShelter #RunForShelter

Letter from the Executive Director

Dear Friends: Another year has flown by and the staff at Cornerstone have had a front row seat to so many victories and successes! We get to witness the relief on people’s faces when they finally secure keys to their home once again, or for some, for the first time ever. We experience firsthand the joy of someone getting a job because they know that is a major step in securing their housing. Being able … Continue reading

22,500 Bags of Groceries

22,500 Bags of Groceries “We do it because we see the need. There are a lot of low-income and needy, elderly people in the Uptown area. There is a lot of food in America and hungry people who need it. We have a great supply of good food and we are blessed to share it.” – Chris Ramsey, CCO Food Pantry Supervisor Every Wednesday over 150 people gather in the CCO dining room to “shop” … Continue reading

2,920 Visits to the Free Store

2,920 Visits to the Free Store “A lot of people who visit the Free Store come from dire circumstances. They often don’t have enough clothes, maybe just a few things in a bag. Or they come to CCO with nothing. We’ve had lots of fire victims, people fleeing bad situations, or folks living on the streets, who only have what they could carry. They are welcome to come and get what they need.” – Harmony … Continue reading

331 Birth Certificates & State ID’s

  311 Birth Certificates & State ID’s Essential Identification Often something as simple as identification can stand in the way of job training, education, employment, and housing. CCO case managers work hard to get essential identification so that goals can be met. As a result, families and single adults are brought one step closer to stability and “finding home.” In 2016, 331 Birth Certificates and State ID’s were obtained by those sheltered at CCO. Many … Continue reading