In the quiet, early morning at CCO Sanya starts to wake up her children for school. Amid the yawns, the kids begin to slowly dig their clothes out of drawers. Small shoes are retrieved from under the bed. Sanya carefully combs and braids her daughters’ hair while the sounds from the surrounding rooms and families begin to quietly filter in. Some are getting ready for work or job training programs, but a large portion of our shelter residents are filling backpacks with homework and getting ready to eat breakfast and head to school.

Homelessness can be a barrier to learning. All children need a stable and safe environment to achieve academically. Moving from relative to relative, living in crowded and substandard situations can have a wasting effect on a child’s ability to learn. Staying in a violent situation can be devastating to childhood development. Families in these and other desperate situations are welcomed to CCO. We strive to provide a space that will allow children to learn and grow.

Over 100 children get up, get dressed, eat breakfast, and leave for school from our shelter each day. These same children return to CCO later in the day, and many of them participate in our after-school tutoring program.

We have had the pleasure of seeing many of our kids on the honor roll or excelling in organized sports and school activities. We have also rejoiced with parents and tutors who have seen their children working hard to make improvements to their academic experience. It is our hope that each and every child have a safe place to grow and develop their intellect.

Our case-management team works alongside our residents to secure permanent housing, and for many, CCO is a necessary stepping stone to acquiring an apartment. Your donation provides a space for Sanya, her children and many families like hers to achieve their goals. Thank you for giving the next generation a chance to succeed!

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