Back-to-School Bash Photo Album!

CCO’s Annual Back-to-School Bash was a huge success! Families sheltered at CCO enjoyed dancing, music, pizza, cake, prizes, face-painting, and more. All school-aged children chose a new backpack, from a wide-range of styles, provided by the Northeastern Illinois University Alumni Association (NEIU). NEIU has provided and distributed backpacks and school supplies at the Back-to-School Bash for years. Thank you, NEIU!

Student volunteers from Uptown Christian School (UCS) set-up the room, served food, decorated, cleaned, and reassembled the dining room. The teens were willing, fun, and amazingly helpful. Thank you, UCS!

Education is a critical stabilizing force in the lives of homeless children. We are privileged to partner with our area school teachers and administrators to ensure that the children sheltered at CCO have the best education possible.

Consider making a donation today that will directly support the families sheltered at CCO. Thank you!

Help Make CCO’s Back-to-School Bash Great!

Back To School

Are you interested in donating to really great cause? This Thursday we will be hosting CCO’s Back-to-School Bash! Consider making a donation today that will help cover the cost of backpacks, shoes, party and school supplies.

Over 150 children are sheltered at CCO with their families. Education is a stabilizing force for families experiencing homelessness. At CCO, we work with parents to make the transition to school as smooth as possible.Our yearly back-to-school event gives all our school age kids a chance to choose a backpack and supplies, participate in games, enjoy treats and listen to motivational speakers.

Back to School New Shoes Fundraising Program.


Santa Program is at it again, making a difference for the children!

Back to School New Shoes Fundraising Program.

“We’re fundraising to buy new back to school shoes for as many of the children at CCO as we can this year.

All donations through the link on this page will be used by the social workers to take the neediest of children on a shopping spree to buy one pair of new shoes (and maybe a pair of new socks if we raise enough money). We all know the back to school shopping is chaotic, but please take a moment to help at least one child start the new year with a brand new pair of shoes.” *

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New Shoes from Senator Steans!

New shoes for the first day of school! We are deeply grateful to Senator Heather Steans for purchasing brand new back-to-school shoes for each of the children at CCO! Students and their parents were excited to begin the new year in style. Thanks again, Senator Steans!


Back-to-SchoolChildren everywhere are gearing up for a new school year. At CCO we shelter over 100 children with their parents. Next week CCO will host a Back-to-School bash that will include pizza, sandwiches,homemade treats, the amazing dance group, Kuumba Lynx and Eddie Bocanegra, our inspirational speaker from the documentary, The Interrupters. Be sure to check back next week to view this years photo album!

Chicago HOPES!

chicagoHopesChicago HOPES provides after-school homework help, skills building, and enrichment programming to Chicago Public Schools students living in homeless shelters.

Take a moment and watch this informative and insightful video clip about the importance of education in the life of a homeless child.

Watch it here

Homelessness & Education

Homeless to Housed

Over 100 school age children reside with their parents at Cornerstone Community Outreach. Elementary and high school students alike have breakfast, put on their backpacks and head to school from CCO. The National Coalition for the Homeless states that education is one of the most stabilizing factors in the life of a homeless child. We agree.

During their stay at CCO, many families choose to have their children continue to attend their school of origin but some choose to enroll their children in area schools. Case managers work with parents to make school transitions as smooth as possible. We are fortunate to have Chicago HOPES provide students with after-school homework help, skill building and personal enrichment services on-site.

Permanent housing is at the end of a long, arduous path that our clients are walking. We are grateful to walk it with them. Join us in our efforts. We can’t do it without you!


The 2012-13 School Year Has Begun!


Over 100 children residing at CCO have begun the 2012-13 school year. While housing is the ultimate goal for all our residents, CCO strives to create a stable space for our children to learn and achieve. Help us continue to provide shelter to those in need, whether it be children, teens, parents, single adults or the elderly. To donate click the donate button below. Thank you!



In the quiet, early morning at CCO Sanya starts to wake up her children for school. Amid the yawns, the kids begin to slowly dig their clothes out of drawers. Small shoes are retrieved from under the bed. Sanya carefully combs and braids her daughters’ hair while the sounds from the surrounding rooms and families begin to quietly filter in. Some are getting ready for work or job training programs, but a large portion of our shelter residents are filling backpacks with homework and getting ready to eat breakfast and head to school.

Homelessness can be a barrier to learning. All children need a stable and safe environment to achieve academically. Moving from relative to relative, living in crowded and substandard situations can have a wasting effect on a child’s ability to learn. Staying in a violent situation can be devastating to childhood development. Families in these and other desperate situations are welcomed to CCO. We strive to provide a space that will allow children to learn and grow.

Over 100 children get up, get dressed, eat breakfast, and leave for school from our shelter each day. These same children return to CCO later in the day, and many of them participate in our after-school tutoring program.

We have had the pleasure of seeing many of our kids on the honor roll or excelling in organized sports and school activities. We have also rejoiced with parents and tutors who have seen their children working hard to make improvements to their academic experience. It is our hope that each and every child have a safe place to grow and develop their intellect.

Our case-management team works alongside our residents to secure permanent housing, and for many, CCO is a necessary stepping stone to acquiring an apartment. Your donation provides a space for Sanya, her children and many families like hers to achieve their goals. Thank you for giving the next generation a chance to succeed!

Thank you, Senator Heather Steans!

The staff and residents of Cornerstone Community Outreach would like to extend an enormous, “Thank you!” to Senator Heather Steans! Senator Steans provided a brand new pair of shoes for each school aged child at CCO. That is over 100 pairs of brand new shoes! The children enjoyed choosing from the local Target (Uptown) store. The school year is starting off right! Thank you Senator Steans for your amazing generosity!