Christmas, families, and you.

Christmas went great.  My favorite moments are seeing a former resident
of the shelter coming by to pick up presents for their kids.  One mom
in particular was waiting for Eve,  when her younger son excitedly
yelled out my name.  He remembers me because his dad and I have
the same first name. 

They have an apartment in the city, the dad is
employed, but with just enough money for the cost of living, they asked
if we could help with presents for the kids.  Yes of course, was our

The kids were beaming when they saw the size of bag that their
presents were in.  They hauled it off, and I said goodbye.  Not sure
when I will see them again, but they are former residents, fond
memories, and family, in a way that only comes with surviving

Your help, your donations, your thoughts and prayers this
season, made it possible.

Thanks so much.


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