Christmas Presents delivered, hearts touched.

Santa came to town, stopped by on Clifton Avenue, and brought some help.

This morning, December 20, 2008, a group of families from  Jesus People USA Covenant Church (JPUSA), helped in giving out the Christmas presents to the residents of CCO shelters.

One of the kids who was helping pass out the presents said…

“There was this really cute baby girl with awesome hair that came with a mother and picked up their gifts. … I got to go upstairs and see where they stayed.  Their room was set up nice and with lots of room.  …One of the kids just ran up and hugged Andrea, it was really cute.”

Of the 400 people who received gifts, more than half of those are children.  The children each received six presents, many received hat and mitten sets, and stocking stuffers.  One helper said that probably 1500 gifts were given out.

Like we said on the Facebook “Christmas for Everyone” event,

“Living in a shelter, not having your own tree or decorations, not your own home, doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve the best. So we try to bless the socks off of everyone.”

Thanks to everyone who made this possible. You rock.

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