Coats for the homeless? Covered.

This holiday season brought many amazing gifts, and unique moments to remember.  Children were blessed with many presents.  Temperatures dropped quicker than we were used to.  Winds picked up, well we expected that.  But a mountain of coats, now that was truly amazing.

A local physical therapy and health center did a collection through the early winter at their office, for Cornerstone Community Outreach, (CCO).  The center traditionally pursuing food donations to  each year for benefit a shelter in Chicago, this year they tried something new.  And it was very well received.  From those who passed through their doors, over 120 coats were collected.  The director and his wife then loaded up their vehicle, and delivered them to 4615 North Clifton Avenue.

That Saturday, the coats were handed out at CCO’s Dinner Guest program to anyone who needed one.  With over two hundred people getting meals that day, the coats went fast.

A hot meal and a new coat, everyone felt extra warm that day.
That’s why you, we, all of us, do what we do at CCO.


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