Congratulations Carla!

Carla, Successfully Housed!

“The night before I came to CCO I slept out on a park bench. I said I would never stay in a shelter. And what did God do? He put me right in a shelter and blessed me there.

 I thought people in a shelter had to sleep on the floor. I was afraid that people would steal my stuff and that it would be dirty. I thought I would have to leave in the early morning and stay out all day. Naomi House has been totally different. I have a case manager, three meals a day, I didn’t have to sleep on the floor or leave during the day. It isn’t dirty. I’ve improved mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally.”

It would be difficult to talk to Carla and miss her determination and gratitude. She recently found out that after months of hard work she has an apartment!

“Recently, I got a housing call and I was told, ‘It’s a go. Start packing!’ I have a place and I’m so excited about my little apartment. It’s perfect for me. And it makes me think about how good God is!”


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