December 31st Is Nearly Here!

Sylvia Center Building

We are quickly approaching the December 31 tax deadline for donations. We ask that you continue your commitment to alleviating homelessness in Chicago.  We are privileged to work with a diverse range of people. From newborns to senior citizens, individuals to large families, we are dedicated to walking alongside everyone who comes to us in need.

Some of our needs are structural.This spring, tuckpointing work that we knew would eventually be needed became immediately necessary for our 106-year-old Sylvia Center building, and with this first phase of work came a $42,000 bill. The construction needs were pressing and the repairs were done quickly and effectively. A second phase of tuckpointing is expected in 2013, which will bring the total cost to approximately $100,000. These costs have greatly diminished our general funds.

CCO matters in the day-to-day lives of the homeless families and individuals we serve. The shelter gives our residents a place to rebuild their lives and recover from the difficulties of homelessness.

Join us in this critical work by making a donation today. Thank you!


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