Do Good & Do What You Love

Chuck Escue Mugs

Do good and do what you love…

What do you love to do? Knit? Paint? Run? Bake? Recently, we have had a growing number of CCO supporters who are doing good by doing what they love and donating a portion of their profits to help alleviate homelessness. Here is just one example…

Chicago potter, Chuck Escue, has been donating 50% of the profits from his hand-crafted earthenware items to Cornerstone Community Outreach. We think it’s a beautiful combination of art and generosity. Thank you, Chuck!

What do you love to do? How can you use it for good?

*If you are interested in purchasing one of Chuck’s extraordinary mugs they are on sale at Everybody’s Coffee. Everybody’s is located at 935 W. Wilson Avenue in Chicago.

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