Elderly and Homeless…


Aging and elderly homeless people are among the most vulnerable population we serve. This overlooked group of people often struggle with physical challenges that exacerbate their efforts to get housing. The National Coalition for the Homeless reports that “Homeless persons aged 50-65 frequently fall between the cracks of governmental safety nets: while not technically old enough to qualify for Medicare, their physical health, assaulted by poor nutrition and severe living conditions, may resemble that of a 70-year-old.”

34% of CCO’s single homeless shelter residents are over 51 years old. We welcome adults of all ages and often senior citizens and the elderly need the most assistance.

We are privileged to serve homeless senior citizens with shelter, meals and intensive case management services, always with the goal of permanent, stable housing.

If you would like to join CCO in providing a safe and beneficial space for Chicago’s homeless, click on the button below. Thank you!



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