Good News Regarding Illinois’ Homeless Shelter Funding!

State Of Illinois Capitol Building Dome

Today we have gotten the very good news that homeless shelter funding will only be decreased by 4% in Illinois. The proposed budget cuts would have been an unthinkable 52% of the existing budget. A cut of that magnitude would insure an increase in crimes of survival (prostitution, burglary, drug charges). Hospitals, county jails, prisons and mental health institutions would have seen an dramatic increase in need. And these agencies are far more costly to tax payers than homeless shelters.

The staff and residents of CCO have worked hard with local advocacy groups to voice the continuing need for shelters and shelter services. As usual, there are no easy answers but we can rejoice that our cities most vulnerable population will find shelters open and able to welcome them. And we are grateful to our legislators who have made these choice on their behalf.

CCO continues to have on-going needs and we rely on our partnership with you to meet the needs of our residents. If you would like to donate to the work at Cornerstone Community Outreach click the green “Donate Now” button. Thank you!

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