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Donate via Apple Pay You can now donate to CCO via Apple Pay!
 Today, Cornerstone became able to accept donations via Apple Pay. Using Messages on your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch, start a new conversation with... Read More
The CCO Brochure Know more and share what you know Be sure to read CCO's brochure, highlighting the programs, success and outcomes of the support being given to those experiencing homelessness. Be informed... Read More
Cornerstone Food Pantry Every Wednesday. Doors open at 9:30a, till 11:30amWhere: 4628 North Clifton Avenue, Chicago, IL 60640 "Every Wednesday over 150 people gather in the CCO dining room to “shop” for... Read More
Easter Celebration at CCO Spring is such a lively time and often reminds us of newness: flowers sprouting up, birds chirping away, a departure from an oftentimes blustery winter. Here at Cornerstone Community Outreach, we... Read More
Homeless Persons’ Memorial   Please join us on Tuesday, December 18 at 6:30 pm for the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless Memorial Service. This is a night to remember our homeless brothers and sisters who have... Read More
Strength From Each Other Strength From Each Other The large brick building reads “7030” and we know we have arrived at Rochelle and Dionte’s new apartment. A nearby grassy lot dotted with bright yellow... Read More
By June, 2018! This year so-far at CCO 307 people have come to CCO for shelter 27 families, and 28 single adults have been moved into permanent housing. Over 35,000 meals have been served And... Read More
Thank you for 2017! You Made 2017 Awesome, Keep It Up! As we are rounding out the holiday season, and in the last few hours of 2017, we want to say thank you for every way you have helped those sheltered at... Read More
Permanently Housed Up 29 % at CCO Every person who moves from homelessness to housing is a cause for celebration. We rejoice with every one of our residents who are able to turn a key and enter their home, whether it is a mom or dad... Read More
Don’t Give Up: Shirley’s Story! “It was always the same, every day after school. I would make up a story to tell my friends why I was walking the other way. ‘I’ve got to go to my uncle’s house.’ I didn’t want them to... Read More
Surgery, Recovery, and the Long Road Home Surgery, Recovery, and the Long Road Home “When I arrived at Cornerstone Community Outreach (CCO) I was recovering from hip replacement surgery on both hips and I was legally blind in my... Read More
Denise’s Story “In my storage unit, I was too cold to rest. I wanted a place to lay my head down and just sleep. I’d wrap up in ten blankets, just trying to get warm.” Denise seems to have an endless... Read More
Tommy’s Story… Tommy is an extremely unassuming and polite man! He is drug-free, alcohol-free and felony-free. He doesn’t want to bother anyone. He’s happy to quietly sit and I’ve never heard him... Read More
We’ll Leave The Light On… We'll Leave the Light on for You by Sandy Ramsey, CCO Executive Director "Sometimes I work late at my desk at the shelter. I can see the security monitor that shows who comes in and out of... Read More
“I Don’t Have To Run Anymore” – Misty’s Story My mother was a former nun. She left the convent to take care of my grandmother. All my life she has been a Christian woman, a great listener. She’s a very non-judgmental person. Every time I... Read More
Homeless to Housed : Elizabeth’s Story   I found a sweatshirt that says, “Cornerstone University.” I said, “I’m going to graduate from this school with honors!” Homelessness does not discriminate between genders,... Read More
Team CCO, why we run For the homeless moms, veterans, families and seniors, we run. Join us for the Team CCO Info Session this Thursday, February 25! Click here for details. Team CCO from Cornerstone Community... Read More
Peace. “To live under a dictator is like slavery. There is no justice. There is no peace. It is not a free country.” Learn how Ildevert found peace by reading his outstanding story.  Click here. ... Read More
Congratulations Carla! "The night before I came to CCO I slept out on a park bench. I said I would never stay in a shelter. And what did God do? He put me right in a shelter and blessed me there.  I thought people... Read More
CCO Supports Fathers "Being his dad gives me joy, strength and hope for a better day." – Felix, pictured here with Felix Jr. At Cornerstone Community Outreach (CCO) we are grateful for the opportunity to serve... Read More
Homelessness To Hope "Chloe" age 5, plays with a friend at CCO's family shelter over 20 years ago. Chloe is a real person. She's lived through the fears and trials of being a homeless child in America and I am... Read More
Everybody Loves Stewart! Stewart with his mother, Denise and one of his three sisters. "I was on the street, drug addicted, and up to no good," Denise remembers. "And my son, Stewart, hunted for me until he found me. He... Read More
A Place to Begin “I always wanted my boys. Nathan, Jr., and Isaiah needing me caused me to change my life.” Nathan spoke openly to me about his ordeal to gain custody of his two sons, his efforts to bring them to... Read More
Annie “They (CCO staff) stayed with me during the dark days. We stuck together. I was a stranger and they took me in and took care of me.” About one year ago, Annie came to CCO’s Naomi House... Read More
Arike “Now, when I look back, I know without the grace of God I would not have survived.” We all have a story. Everyone who comes through the doors of CCO has a story. Some stories are... Read More
Demarra, A Homeless Student’s Story Former CCO residents, Demarra (age 11) and her mother talk openly about the difficulties and challenges of being a homeless student. The number of homeless students in Chicago has more than tripled... Read More