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Charitable.Social.Fitness in 2015 Team CCO, the charity fitness team of Cornerstone Community Outreach, has announced its event plan for 2015! Growing from one race in 2012 to five events in 2015, there is a large range of... Read More
Champro Sports – the place for athletic gear! Champro Sports is the provider of Team CCO's running shirts. Great fit, great feel. Totally choose... Read More
Homeless to Housed : Elizabeth’s Story   I found a sweatshirt that says, “Cornerstone University.” I said, “I’m going to graduate from this school with honors!” Homelessness does not discriminate between genders,... Read More
Team CCO, why we run For the homeless moms, veterans, families and seniors, we run. Team CCO from Cornerstone Community Outreach on... Read More
Congratulations Carla! "The night before I came to CCO I slept out on a park bench. I said I would never stay in a shelter. And what did God do? He put me right in a shelter and blessed me there.  I thought people... Read More
CCO Supports Fathers "Being his dad gives me joy, strength and hope for a better day." – Felix, pictured here with Felix Jr. At Cornerstone Community Outreach (CCO) we are grateful for the opportunity to serve... Read More
Homelessness To Hope "Chloe" age 5, plays with a friend at CCO's family shelter over 20 years ago. Chloe is a real person. She's lived through the fears and trials of being a homeless child in America and I am... Read More
Everybody Loves Stewart! Stewart with his mother, Denise and one of his three sisters. "I was on the street, drug addicted, and up to no good," Denise remembers. "And my son, Stewart, hunted for me until he found me. He... Read More
A Place to Begin “I always wanted my boys. Nathan, Jr., and Isaiah needing me caused me to change my life.” Nathan spoke openly to me about his ordeal to gain custody of his two sons, his efforts to bring them to... Read More
I Decided to Stay 11:05am, December 4, 2002, he was born. Lydell Doss, III, arrived breech with his brown eyes wide open. It was beautiful to see his first movements and to hear his new born cries. One day later I... Read More
Annie “They (CCO staff) stayed with me during the dark days. We stuck together. I was a stranger and they took me in and took care of me.” About one year ago, Annie came to CCO’s Naomi House... Read More
Arike “Now, when I look back, I know without the grace of God I would not have survived.” We all have a story. You and I have a story. Everyone who comes through the doors of CCO has a story.... Read More
Demarra, A Homeless Student’s Story Former CCO residents, Demarra (age 11) and her mother talk openly about the difficulties and challenges of being a homeless student. The number of homeless students in Chicago has more than tripled... Read More