Spectacular Saturday Volunteer Turnout

CCO would like to thank the three volunteer groups that made their way to serve with us on Saturday, May 30.

First of all, Chicago Cares sent a large team of Students from the Pritzker College Prep High School. These eager volunteers did a variety of things from helping in the kitchen, sorting clothing in our “Free Store,” and helping wherever was needed.

Next came a group from Oakdale Covenant Church in Chicago led by Rev. Melvin Dillard and his lovely wife, Vergie. This group included some of the High School aged youth from Oakdale as well as Rev. Dillard’s son and 2 of his grandchildren. It was truly and multi-generational family affair. They helped with our weekly Saturday afternoon meal to the neighborhood, “the Dinner Guest Program.”

Finally, the #1 Stunnas Motorsports Club roared in on motorcycles to come and help serve dinner to all of our residents.

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