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Basic Costs Per Day

These are the basic the costs per day per person for five different levels of shelter services that are included in the services provided by Cornerstone Community Outreach.  Each Level has a brief definition and an average cost.

Level 1 – Emergency Shelter (ES): is simply defined as providing a roof over someone’s head and a bed to stay in over night.  This includes the cost of 12 hours of gas, electricity, garbage removal, exterminator, linens, and cost of the space.
-The average cost per person per day for ES is $1.23 per day.


Level 2 – Emergency Shelter (ES) with a Meal: is the same as Emergency Shelter, but one hotmeal is provided for each person.
-The average cost per person per day for ES with a Meal is $1.62 per day.


Level 3 – Emergency Shelter (ES) plus Staff: includes all the above and also includes staff to supervise the program overnight.  These staff setup the shelter each night, assist the clients as needed and cleanup in the morning.
-The average cost per person per day for ES Plus Staff is $3.10 per day.


Level 4 – Emergency Shelter (ES) plus Support Services: includes all the above and staff towork with the clients during the day.  This additional staff is caseworkers and casework assistants.
-The average cost per person per day for ES plus Support Services is $8.31 per day.


Level 5 – Interim Shelter: is the full program that Cornerstone Community Outreach offers to all of its clients.  This is a 24-hour shelter for an approximate stay of 120 days.  While the client is in the program, the area they stay in is theirs until they move out; it’s their temporary home.  They have access to the casework staff onsite to work on the individual’s goals and steps they can take to become permanently housed again.  They are served three meals a day in our cafeteria, and can partake of what other services may be available such as job and housing referrals.
-The average cost per person per day for Interim Shelter is $14.79 per day.