Thank You, Gordon Tech and Moody Bible Institute Volunteers!

High students from Gordon Tech and graduate students from Moody Bible Institute came together at CCO last week to move a mountain of food! These two groups spent hours transferring food items from the CCO pantry to a storage space inside the shelter in preparation for a construction/ renovation project that will take place this Saturday.
Nutrition, warm meals and food distribution are among the core services of CCO. Residents of our shelter are served prepared meals each day in the CCO dining room. Our neighbors trying to make ends meet find a variety of food items they can “shop” through each Wednesday at our Food Bag Program. On Saturdays everyone is welcome to have a hot meal at our Dinner Guest Program. These programs feed hundreds of hungry men, women and children.
Food is an important part of our services and because of this we will keep you informed about the exciting pantry improvement project that will be taking place this weekend.