A Conversation on the Path


“A Conversation on the Path”
Me: Are you training for the Bank of America Chicago Marathon?
Guy: Yeah, why?
Me: Me too.You know you could make those miles worth more for you, and others.
Guy: How?
Me: Become a member of Team CCO. As a team, they run and raise money to help homeless families and individuals find food, shelter, and permanent housing, with Cornerstone Community Outreach .
Guy: Really?
Me: Yeah. And there’s no cost to you, and no fundraising minimum now.
Guy: Really?
Me: Yep. And you get free training and coaching.
Guy: Huh.
Me: So those pounding steps won’t feel so bad, when you know that you are running to help the homeless get housed! And getting others to pitch in too!
Guy: How do I do that?
Me: Go to http://teamcco.com and click Join. After this run!
Guy: Ok!

It’s that simple to describe what we do!