The passenger, your impact, a few years later

Do you ever see someone on the street that you recognize from the past, and without stopping to ask how they are doing, wonder?

My friend was driving to work the other day when the snow was coming down pretty hard.  At a bus stop he saw a guy who worked in the same area as him, and offered him a ride.  The soon-to-be passenger was shocked at the offer, but accepted.  On the way, the passenger asked if my friend was affiliated with, or knew about Cornerstone Shelter, he did of course.

Then passenger told my friend the story of how CCO had helped him a few years back…

He said he was homeless, strung out on drugs, at the bottom.  His past didn’t give him much hope to lean on, and the future seemed rough.

“No one ever wants to be homeless”, he thought, but right then, he was.  The City of Chicago has a help line, 311, and he called it looking for a place to stay.   Into our doors he came, wary of his path, but sure of the need for change.  All of CCO’s help was available to him, searching for job, and a place to live, he surely took part of it.  At CCO, his basic needs of housing, food and clothing were met, and now he could focus on getting back on his feet.

Now a few years later, the passenger says, “…he got right, found a wonderful woman, and has been doing well.  If not for Cornerstone, I don’t know where I’d be.”

Whether you stop to say hi to that person from the  past, know that what we do today for those around us, impacts each others future.

You were a part of this mans change.  You make it possible to change lives.

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