Congressman Bobby Rush, visited Cornerstone today.

Congressman Rush, a long time supporter for social justice in Illinois, scheduled time to visit Cornerstone Community Outreach today.

Welcomed by Sandy Ramsey, Executive Director of CCO, Lyda Jackson, Volunteer Coordinator, and Susan Heiss, Office Administrator, they gave Congressman Rush a tour of the facilities.

Along the way, Congressman Rush was able to meet and talk to residents and staff from the shelter. Getting a look at where the families, women, and men stay, there were great opportunities to chat with Congressman Rush. Even the children, who were waiting for lunch with their parents, enjoyed a moment with him.


Congressman Rush with Sandy Ramsey at Cornerstone Community Outreach

We are very thankful that Congressman Rush was able to visit Cornerstone, and we look forward to the ongoing relationship with him.

Congressman Rush’s website

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Food Bags, a signifier of the economy?

Cornerstone gives out groceries every Wednesday, mostly non-perishable items, but some meat and vegetables also when available. We call it Food Bags.

Over the past few years, approximately 150 households have come to pick up their groceries each week. However this May, and specifically on May 13th’s count, that number grew to 208. Those 208 households break down to 341 individuals being helped each week.

Do we see this trend continuing? Yes. As jobs get harder to get and keep, and housing issues continue to arise, more people will find themselves in a place of need. For some this will be a position they have never been in before. So the need for food grows, and along with it our commitment to each person who is in need.

Thankfully with your help and the help of the Greater Chicago Food Depository, these families and individuals can and will continue to make ends meet in a depleting economy.

For more information about our Food Bads or our overall food program, contact us.



Marines arrive and serve the homeless, as part of Marine Week 2009.

On Wednesday more than 24 Marines came and helped out at Cornerstone Community Outreach, as a part of Marine Week 2009.

Talking with the residents, playing with the children, serving meals, and sorting mountains of donations kept them busy all day.  The hauling of over 200 bags of donated clothing and bedding up six flights of stairs showed what great shape the Marines were in.

The Sylvia Center doesn’t have and elevator, and both the residents, and the supplies, go up and down the stairs all day long.
One Marine mentioned that he hoped that people know the need for an elevator, and that everyone would help raise the money for it.

CCO greatly appreciates the efforts of the Marines and the support staff to make this event happen, and be so much fun.

US Marine Corp, 24 amazing men and women.

US Marine Corp, 24 amazing men and women.

Check out the Marines official news story on their website here.