Commissioner Mary Ellen Caron, Chicago Family Support Services, visits Cornerstone

Yesterday we were thrilled to have our new Chicago Department of Family and Support Services Commissioner,  Mary Ellen Caron, and Deputy Commissioner of Homeless Services, Jim LoBianco, visit us at our Sylvia Building here on Clifton Avenue.  Also present was Brady Harden, Jr.,  President of Inner Voice and Bobby Roberson, Director of Facilities at Inner Voice.  We enjoyed touring Commissoner Caron and Deputy Commissioner LoBianco through our entire Sylvia building with its Emergency Response Programs for Families and For Women, as well as touring the Day Time Drop In located on the first floor.  Then we all met again at Epworth United Methodist Church where our program for 65 single men was just getting under way for the evening.  Commissioner Caron was very interested in all that we were doing and extended her support to us in our programs.  Thank you Commissioner Caron and Deputy Commissioner LoBianco!  We really appreciate you both!


Bobbie Roberson, Commissioner Mary Ellen Caron, Brady Harden, Sandra Ramsey, Deputy Commissioner Jim LoBianco

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Robert Morris Culinary Students

What a wonderful treat our residents had when the Robert Morris Culinary students prepared and served appetizers before dinner last Thursday evening.  They arrived dressed in full chef uniforms and served our families trays and trays of beautifully prepared appetizers.  Thank you Robert Morris students and head chef instructor for this wonderfully, creative idea!

Ice Cream Social At Cornerstone

This past Sunday all of our residents were treated to ice cream sundaes, sponsored by the youth of St. Gertrude’s Church.   There was so much variety and everyone enjoyed a generous serving of ice cream, whip topping, syrups, nuts, cherries and bananas.  Thanks so much to the wonderful kids who pulled this off.

Spectacular Saturday Volunteer Turnout

CCO would like to thank the three volunteer groups that made their way to serve with us on Saturday, May 30.

First of all, Chicago Cares sent a large team of Students from the Pritzker College Prep High School. These eager volunteers did a variety of things from helping in the kitchen, sorting clothing in our “Free Store,” and helping wherever was needed.

Next came a group from Oakdale Covenant Church in Chicago led by Rev. Melvin Dillard and his lovely wife, Vergie. This group included some of the High School aged youth from Oakdale as well as Rev. Dillard’s son and 2 of his grandchildren. It was truly and multi-generational family affair. They helped with our weekly Saturday afternoon meal to the neighborhood, “the Dinner Guest Program.”

Finally, the #1 Stunnas Motorsports Club roared in on motorcycles to come and help serve dinner to all of our residents.

Lace up those walking shoes and help Cornerstone feed the homeless

What?! Yes , come out on June 20th to the Hunger Walk .

The Hunger walk  helps raise funds for Cornerstone Community Outreach ( CCO) and the Greater Chicago Food Depository. The Hunger walk is a 2.5 mile walk along Beautiful lake Michigan leaving from Montrose Harbor.  And by participating in the Hunger walk you can help feed CCO’s homeless people.

You can help in two main ways;

  • first sign up to walk- make sure you sign up as a walker for CCO,
  • second – give. Our goal is to raise $6,000.

We spend over $200,000 a year in maintaining and feeding over 400 people daily. We spend $40,000 yearly on food purchased just from the Greater Food Depository. If we can get 31 walkers and raise at least $1,000 we will get bonus points , which translates into credits for food for our homeless women, men, and children.

Every dollar we raise is credited to our account. So we need you to come  and walk or give but be sure to sign up specifically with CCO so that our account is given credit for your participation. Below is the  link for more information and for easy access to sign up  and/or give. Thank you for caring for the homeless.


There will be more info on the way…

Start your walk here!