Computer Lab Working Well

Resumes… Resumes…. Resumes.. We have started the procedure to help people get ahead. First we set up an account in gmail. Next we send an email with a template resume. We uploaded that to google docs. The client gives us access to the resume and this allows the job counselor, John Koons, to help edit the resume right on line with client. Helping people takes a small army of people who reach out to those who need help.

Our process teaches people how to go to a computer and check email, edit documents, and send the documents to perspective employers. In today’s world you can live without a phone but not email…

Homeless Not Hopeless

“Hope is the dream of a soul awake.”

-a french proverb

Hope is essential and this is especially true in discouraging circumstances. We see hope everyday among the many souls who reside at CCO. Whether it is one resident giving another an encouraging word or a staff person advocating for client rights, hope is here.  homeless-shelter-staff-resident