Gethsemane Gardens greens up Cornerstone

This week Gethsemane Garden Center donated some wonderful trees and plants to the playground at Cornerstone Community Outreach .  This outdoor space is an area of refuge in the city for the residents of our family shelter.  As the parents watch their children play on the playground, they can enjoy this slice of nature.

Thank you Gethsemane for this great gift to the families.


40K for Fathers Day, run in Iraq

40K on Fathers Day in Iraq is hosting a new run to benefit Cornerstone Community Outreach,

40K on Fathers day in Iraq.

A friend of Cornerstone is in Iraq coordinating this event. There will be upwards of 140 individuals running in a relay race to help support the homeless at Cornerstone Community Outreach, in Chicago, IL.  It will be a mix of  Army, Navy, Marine, Air Force and civilian contractors participating, all stationed in southern Iraq.

We are very excited about connecting with the service men and women over there in this way.  If you are interested in donating or participating in some way,  please contact them at and click on contact.