Home Is Where You Make It

Unemployed and homeless with her 15-year-old son, Theresa found
shelter at CCO.
“It was 1 a.m. when we got to the shelter and we were so hungry. Staff
warmed up chicken and rice so we could eat. We settled into our bed area and
I looked at my son and said, “Home is where you make it.”
Theresa used her time at CCO to take an honest look at her life and
tackle some of the circumstances that had led to her homelessness.
Today, Theresa’s family is housed and she is employed. She feels that
her time at CCO has made her a more compassionate and stable person.

American Diabetes Day!

Today is American Diabetes Day. On this day we think of our homeless residents who have to endure homelessness and chronic illness. Many studies show that poor health is higher among homeless Americans than those who are housed.
We are grateful to Heartland Health Outreach and North Side Housing for coming to CCO each week to provide crucial healthcare to our residents. While many barriers still stand in the way of good health for homeless people we are grateful to the men and women who make it their priority to care for America’s most vulnerable. Thank you!

Playground Update!


This image was recently drawn up depicting our upcoming playground re-model. We have been working towards enhancing our roof top playground to become a more comfortable and fun place for our residents to talk their children. As you can see in the drawing below, we do have an existing playground structure, but we are seeking to add more shade and equipment along with resurfacing the rubber underneath. This playground is one of our most exciting features as it gives children a safe place to be outside and enjoy life as any child should. We are still seeking funding to completely pay for this remodel. If you are interested and able, please click the “donate now” button below to make a contribution. Our build date is coming up in May.


March is National Nutrition Month

March is National Nutrition Month. The CCO kitchen serves hundreds of meals to our residents each day. Over 150 households get food bags each week from our food pantry. We enjoy offering these services.

Follow the link and click on Hunger 101  to experience food insecurity in Chicago from the perspective of those struggling to meet their basic nutritional needs.



Half of Team CCO at our first dinner as a team!
Back row: Mary, Justin, Brian, David, Tom, Andrew, Joel
Front row: Laura, Steffie, Hannah, Tiana, Christi, Corey, Scott, Marek

On Sunday evening TeamCCO got together to have dinner and discuss the upcoming Bank of America Chicago Marathon. After a delicious meal of thai food the team talked about fundraising for CCO and training techniques.

We are grateful to the entire team for supporting CCO and our residents in this way!

Congratulations Eric!!!

Eric came to CCO unemployed. We saw his potential and employed him as one of our security guards. Eric is an asset to CCO and we happy to report he is still employed with us and has been securely housed for several years.

We’re blessed to know you, Eric!

“Wear Green, Give Green!”

“Wear Green, Give Green!” This is the motto of the students today at Uptown Christian School. It’s St. Patrick’s Day and the kids are wearing green and bringing green (dollars) to support Cornerstone Community Outreach.

Last year, the children of UCS raised nearly a thousand dollars for homeless services at CCO. The enclosed picture is of the kids training for Stive4more fundraiser that took place in 2011. Thanks, kids!

Congratulations, Breanna!

Congratulations to Breanna, CCO resident and Chicago high school student! Breanna is an excellent student and has made the honor roll at her school. She has continues to focus on her education and her future. Keep up the great work, Breanna!

More than 10,000 homeless children and youth are enrolled in Chicago Public Schools. That is a 16% growth from last year. Unfortunately, Chicago’s homeless population is getting younger. Over 100 children and youth live at CCO with their families.