Mama’s Voice

Poem Photograph
Mama’s voice like a thick red ribbon
s t r e t c h e s across the room
and i pretend not to hear
choking on my laughter
my naked feet beat out bare percussion
on the tile
surrounded by the faint applause of beads
jumping and falling
arranged as balanced as a christmas tree
racing and running to nowhere
pursued by nothing but the dull tickle of
and once again i hear the call
like the full sure ring of a church bell
cautiously i approach
as humble as an unsuccessful beggar
with most of the hilarity locked deep in my closet
mama she’s movin’ like a woman with too much
heavy change in her pockets
pickin’ up the baby
wrapped up tight
so he won’t get away
-Beth Wagler-Nicholls

I.D. is an Essential Step to Getting Housed!

Some of our numbers for this month (April):
– we helped 7 people get their birth certificates and 6 State IDs.
– we’ve given 13 “7 day” transit cards to people who just got employed and need help getting to work.
– we’ve financially helped 6 people with rent or security deposit so they can actually move into their new apartment.
Each step is vital in transitioning from homelessness to being successfully housed.

Walk for Hunger!

Join us for the 27th Annual Hunger Walk. Follow the link to register to walk for Cornerstone Community Outreach. CCO will receive 214 pounds of food per walker for our shelter residents and neighbors in need. The event takes place at 7am on June 23, at Soldier Field. We hope to see you there!

Cubs Tickets for CCO Residents!

We want to say a special thank you to the Emergency Fund for donating Cubs tickets for todays game! Many of our residents are excited to be attending. Humberto (age 85) will be going to his first Cubs game!

Keep checking back for a photo album of game day!