May is Older Americans Month

Older Americans MonthWhen we hear the word “homeless” we don’t often think of elderly people. Unfortunately, the number of homeless senior citizens is on the rise in America. We are privileged to know and work with many aging and elderly people at CCO. We are enriched by their wisdom and experience.

In 2008, The Department of Human and Urban Development reported there were 43,450 individuals in homeless shelters over the age of 61. Estimates for the next ten years predict the elderly homeless population will increase by 33 percent and this number will increase to fifty-four percent by 2050.



Illinois State Budget Updates!

Illinois Budget Update- The Illinois Senate has passed the homeless budget (Emergency and Transitional Housing Program) without cuts. The budget has to pass the House and be finalized by midnight Thursday, May 31. We will continue to give you updates regarding these crucial decision.

State budget cuts can mean the loss of many homeless shelter beds across the state. Unfortunately, smaller shelters organizations could be forced to close entirely. Our hope is that legislators will see the importance of shelter services for our states most vulnerable populations.




Join us in congratulating Ramere and his little girl, Lunique! They have found permanent housing and have moved out of CCO. Ramere has been one of a growing number of men with children who have stayed at CCO. We are seeing more and more fathers in search of shelter for themselves and their children. And we are glad to serve this special population.

Take Action!

Illinois shelter budget cuts 2012

32 essential shelter beds at CCO could be lost with the new Illinois budget cuts. The proposed budget will slash shelter funding for families with children and single individuals by 53%. These cuts are unthinkable when so many people find themselves struggling in our present economy.

Please support the poorest of the poor by signing our online petition and/ or donating to CCO. Your financial contribution makes all the difference. Thank you!

Elderly and Aging Residents…

Elderly and Aging CCO ResidentsFor those over 65 the current minimum monthly SSI benefits ($698.00 for an individual) remains well below the poverty line. Faced with the choice between food or necessary medication and housing, elderly Americans are finding it difficult to stay both healthy and housed.

We are privileged to know and work with many aging and elderly people at CCO.