Happy Mother’s Day!

“Smile!” Mothers who live at CCO, like mom’s everywhere, cherish pictures of their children. It’s a beautiful reminder that families stick together even in the toughest of circumstances and it’s always a joy to look at those smiling faces. Today we want to applaud the mothers of CCO for their determination while being homeless. It brings a smile to our faces to see their compassion and hard work within their families.

At this time, over 40 moms along with their children are being sheltered in one of Cornerstone Community Outreach’s three family programs. While we are encouraged by the diligence mom’s display during stressful times we are also anxious to see them in permanent, stable housing.

Help us to continue to support the moms and children being sheltered at CCO. Donate today! Your contribution really makes a difference in the lives of our families. Thank you!



Spring has Sprung!

Beautiful planters and flowers were installed along Clifton Avenue just outside of CCO’s Hannah House and Sylvia Center! Andrew Shantz made the planters from repurposed wood. He and fellow gardner, Ted Jindrich filled the containers with soil and colorful flowers.

The flowers bring a burst of color and life to Clifton Avenue. These improvements benefit our shelter guests, staff and neighbors. Thank you!

Over 25,000 individuals sheltered…

CCO Family PortraitSince 1989, Cornerstone Community Outreach has sheltered over 25,000 individuals. We have rejoiced with many families and individuals who have moved into stable, permanent housing. We look forward to many more successful endings at CCO.

If you would like to donate to CCO’s shelter programs click on the Donate Now button. Thank you for your support!

Everyone Has A Story

Arike showing off her apartment keys in front of CCO!

Arike showing off her apartment keys in front of CCO!

It’s great to hear a success story! On the side bar to the right you will find a box titled, “Our Stories.” Click on it and take a minute to read a few of our success stories.

More will be added in the future from our CCO archive and we will continue to write our residents interesting stories. Enjoy!