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Five Photographers : Five Visions of Social Justice

Five Chicago-based photographers who share a passion for empowerment and the fight for social justice have generously donated printed photographs for a silent auction. All money raised will go directly to CCO.


Residents Comments…

Hunt.Fish.Feed. Menu

Hunt.Fish.Feed. came to CCO to serve up delicious salmon and venison taco’s for our shelter guests. The encouraging comments and letters keep coming in from our residents. Here are a few excerpts:

“The food was fresh and innovative. I always had a compunction about eating ‘Bambi’ (venison) but as I tore into that venison taco and had no remorse. And the salmon was so fresh it melted in my mouth.” – Ardeth V.

“Very stylish and gourmet. I can’t wait until they return!” – Gwendolyn J.

“The food was good. Thank you so much!” – Eric

Everyone at CCO raved about the delicious meal! To learn more about Hunt.Fish.Feed. and their efforts to fight hunger in America, click here.

649 Birth Certificates!

Homeless to Housed!

Since January 2011, we have assisted 649 homeless people get their birth certificates. A big thank-you also to the Emergency Fund; who have provided the finances to make all this happen.

The first way we helped the man who’s image is featured in this blog-post was to assist him in getting his birth certificate; and now we can say that after many years of homelessness, he has successfully moved into his own apartment!

The Emergency Fund provides immediate financial assistance to help low income Chicago area individuals and families through a crisis or transition. Thanks, Emergency Fund!

Reusable Bags Please!

Coinstar and Redbox donated nearly 3,000 insulated bags! Thank you!

Coinstar and Redbox donated nearly 3,000 insulated bags! Thank you!

We want your reusable bags! If you have reusable bags you no longer need please drop them off at 4628 N. Clifton Avenue in Chicago. CCO is working to be “plastic-free.”

How will your donated bags be used? They will be given to our food pantry patrons who will fill them with nutritious food from our pantry. We are asking everyone to bring their bags back when they come back to the pantry. So, join us in this exciting change and donate your bags today. Thanks!

Our Residents Speak…


Recently, Hunt.Fish.Feed. came to CCO to prepare and serve salmon and venison tacos to our shelter guests. It was a delicious meal.

The following is a thank you note to Hunt.Fish.Feed from one of our shelter residents.

“Thank you so much for taking the time to fix us a special dinner. The tacos were really good. I thought they were made with ground beef (LOL)! This was the first time I tasted salmon. It went well with the dill sauce and lemon juice. It was delicious!”

Reusable Bags!


This gallery contains 8 photos.

CCO is working to be plastic-free! Today at the CCO Food bag Program, pantry patrons were given reusable bags for their can goods, produce and frozen meats.

Do you have reusable bags you would like to donate? Please bring them to 4628 N. Clifton Avenue in Chicago. Staff and neighbors donated a large quantity of … Read More

Bring Your Bags!

Reusable BagsDo you have reusable bags that you aren’t using? Our food pantry patrons would love to use your bags! CCO would like to be plastic bag free so join us in our efforts by dropping off your reusable bags at 4628 North Clifton Avenue in Chicago. Check back with us for more information…

Thank you!

Rep. Greg Harris

Hunt.Fish.Feed. 2013Recently, State Representative Greg Harris came to CCO to be a part of our annual Hunt.Fish.Feed. event. CCO Staff and Executive Director, Sandy Ramsey were grateful for the opportunity to thank Representative Harris for his work in defending the homeless budget last year in Springfield.

Many thanks!