Back to School New Shoes Fundraising Program.


Santa Program is at it again, making a difference for the children!

Back to School New Shoes Fundraising Program.

“We’re fundraising to buy new back to school shoes for as many of the children at CCO as we can this year.

All donations through the link on this page will be used by the social workers to take the neediest of children on a shopping spree to buy one pair of new shoes (and maybe a pair of new socks if we raise enough money). We all know the back to school shopping is chaotic, but please take a moment to help at least one child start the new year with a brand new pair of shoes.” *

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They already think you’re crazy…


I was running along the Lakefront Trail the other day training for the Bank of America Chicago Marathon with Team CCO, and I was passing, though slowly, a pair of runners, whom I’ll call Pink and Blue. I heard the best marathon fundraising advice, ever!

Between strained breaths:
Pink says: I’m not doing well with my fundraising.
Blue replies: Why?
P: I don’t know how to ask, what will they think?
B: Seriously, it’s simple. Everyone you know will already think you’re crazy for running a marathon, so don’t worry about what they think of you, just ask!
P laughs loud, and I pass them by.

It is so true. So don’t worry about what people will think if you ask them, and remember it’s not for you, it’s to help homeless families and children get housed.

Happy training Team CCO runners, and happy fundraising to all!