Good Neighbor Principles

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Statement of Good Neighbor Principles

* Cornerstone Community Outreach (CCO) desires to better our neighborhood by networking and sharing information with neighborhood block clubs, CAPS, Social Service Agencies, businesses, and the community resulting in positive benefits for all.

* CCO is proud to be a member of the Magnolia Malden Block Club.

CCO and MMBC have a mutual desire to be good neighbors. Both entities are in direct communication with each other to allow for making announcements, scheduling events, address questions and/ or handle disputes that may arise. In the case of a dispute between CCO and MMBC that cannot be resolved, the parties may request mediation from the Chicago Police Department 19th District Commander.

* CCO will continue to attend CAPS meetings and community meetings that address neighborhood concerns and updates.

* CCO will maintain adherence of program guidelines by residents in CCO programs including loitering and smoking boundaries. CCO will continue having security personnel between 7:30am to 7pm, every day.

* As a delegate agency of the Chicago Department of Family and Support Services, CCO will continue to maintain good practices and provide quality services for residents in need.

* CCO will seek opportunities for creative and positive outreach to the neighborhood. Possibilities will include but no be limited to special events, gardening, clean-up projects, as well as where and when possible, postiively engagging and outreaching to neighbors including the elderly and vulnerable, families with children, and new people moving into the area.