$4 For Shelter

Did you know that every night 330 people receive shelter from Cornerstone Community Outreach? This is both homeless families with children, and single adults.

Not only do they not have to sleep outside, they get nutritious meals, case management support, clothing, employment, education and every support available to them so that they can focus on what they need to do to get housed.

A donation of $4 from you, will provide one night of shelter. How? The cost per night for shelter is only $20. Grants that are awarded to Cornerstone will cover the other $16 per night. So with your gift of $4 per night, someone can receive shelter and these amazing services.

If you are already supporting Cornerstone, we appreciate you and
all you do. If you have been considering starting, or asking yourself how much should I give? Start by providing four days of shelter, for only $4 per day, for the homeless in Chicago.

Donate $4 per day, start today.


Leland House Sold to Park Inc.



After lengthy discussion and deliberation, the Cornerstone Community Outreach (CCO) Board of Directors has decided to hand over ownership of Leland House to Park Inc. CCO made this decision so that employees and resources could be focused on our homeless shelter programs, which provide safe shelter, nutritious meals, and supportive services, to nearly 350 individuals and families each day.

Park Inc. has a history of providing affordable housing. Their website states, “Park Inc. is a real estate investment firm that specializes in the acquisition and long-term ownership of residential properties and development management. Our portfolio includes both conventional and affordable housing.” For this reason, Park Inc. was chosen to continue housing families in affordable housing units at the Leland House location.

2013 Annual Report Is Here!

CCO Annual Report 2013 - PDF Cover_Page_01

To see the 2013 Annual Report click here.

The 2013 CCO Annual Report is here! Inside the Annual Report you will find a letter from our Executive Director, program and service information, encouraging stories from successful CCO alumni, 2013 awards, volunteer, donor and financial information.

On behalf of the staff and shelter guests of CCO, we would like to thank everyone who give time and funds in a variety of ways in 2013. Thank you!

Rep. Greg Harris

Hunt.Fish.Feed. 2013Recently, State Representative Greg Harris came to CCO to be a part of our annual Hunt.Fish.Feed. event. CCO Staff and Executive Director, Sandy Ramsey were grateful for the opportunity to thank Representative Harris for his work in defending the homeless budget last year in Springfield.

Many thanks!


CTA Fare Increases Are Hard On The Homeless…

CTA eltrain

Our shelter residents travel far and wide to attend employment training, job interviews, court dates, counseling appointments and countless other essential engagements. By attending these appointments our residents are taking critical steps to stabilize their lives. This month the Chicago Transit Authority has greatly increased the cost of 1-Day, 3-Day and 7-Day Passes.

Are you interested in purchasing fare cards for our residents? If you would like to help our residents in this way send an email to bnicholls@ccolife.org. Thank you!

Good News Regarding Illinois’ Homeless Shelter Funding!

State Of Illinois Capitol Building Dome

Today we have gotten the very good news that homeless shelter funding will only be decreased by 4% in Illinois. The proposed budget cuts would have been an unthinkable 52% of the existing budget. A cut of that magnitude would insure an increase in crimes of survival (prostitution, burglary, drug charges). Hospitals, county jails, prisons and mental health institutions would have seen an dramatic increase in need. And these agencies are far more costly to tax payers than homeless shelters.

The staff and residents of CCO have worked hard with local advocacy groups to voice the continuing need for shelters and shelter services. As usual, there are no easy answers but we can rejoice that our cities most vulnerable population will find shelters open and able to welcome them. And we are grateful to our legislators who have made these choice on their behalf.

CCO continues to have on-going needs and we rely on our partnership with you to meet the needs of our residents. If you would like to donate to the work at Cornerstone Community Outreach click the green “Donate Now” button. Thank you!