Elevate Jr. High brings Christmas

Elevate Jr. High group from Willow Creek Community Church was back again this year to put on the Family Christmas party for all our shelter children — Face-painting, gingerbread house-making, coloring pictures, making foam project reindeers and Santas, and even cookie frosting and decorating. Smiles covering the faces of children of all ages in a bright, colorful, festive atmosphere. Thank you Elevate and Willow Creek Community Church for making this happen once again!

Fighting Hunger Everyday!

CCO Kitchen

This week, many of us will be celebrating Thanksgiving by enjoying a special meal with friends and family. CCO shelter guests are no exception. We are planning a yummy Thanksgiving meal with all the trimmings. While Thanksgiving is a special day with a special meal, everyday nutritious meals are served from the CCO kitchen. We are honored to fight hunger by preparing and serving food to hundreds of shelter guests each day.

For over 15 years CCO has enjoyed a valuable partnership with the Greater Chicago Food Depository (GCFD). The GCFD is Chicago’s food bank supplying over 650 pantries, soup kitchens, and shelters across the city. From July 2013 through June 2014 CCO received 502,000 pounds of food from GCFD, with an estimated value of $806,000. Fresh fruits and vegetables accounted for 25% of the total. Through our fabulous Hunger Walkers, grants and subsidies, we paid nothing for these valuable food items and have a remaining food credit of $1,506. The benefits are astonishing! We want to say a special thank you to our Hunger Walkers, GCFD, and all who have served or supported our meal programs. Thank you!

Got Milk?



Got Milk? The CCO dining room serves over 500 nutritious plates of food each day and milk is an important part of the meal. Milk is packed nutrients that help kids grow and keep adults healthy.

However, iit is a costly essential. Would your church or civic group be willing to purchase milk on a monthly basis? Your gift would provide a protein-packed drink for the children, women and men sheltered at CCO.

We rely on the donations of our supporters to continue to serve our shelter guests. Consider donating today! Thank you!

Our Residents Speak…


Recently, Hunt.Fish.Feed. came to CCO to prepare and serve salmon and venison tacos to our shelter guests. It was a delicious meal.

The following is a thank you note to Hunt.Fish.Feed from one of our shelter residents.

“Thank you so much for taking the time to fix us a special dinner. The tacos were really good. I thought they were made with ground beef (LOL)! This was the first time I tasted salmon. It went well with the dill sauce and lemon juice. It was delicious!”

Reusable Bags!


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CCO is working to be plastic-free! Today at the CCO Food bag Program, pantry patrons were given reusable bags for their can goods, produce and frozen meats.

Do you have reusable bags you would like to donate? Please bring them to 4628 N. Clifton Avenue in Chicago. Staff and neighbors donated a large quantity of … Read More

Rep. Greg Harris

Hunt.Fish.Feed. 2013Recently, State Representative Greg Harris came to CCO to be a part of our annual Hunt.Fish.Feed. event. CCO Staff and Executive Director, Sandy Ramsey were grateful for the opportunity to thank Representative Harris for his work in defending the homeless budget last year in Springfield.

Many thanks!



Hunt.Fish.Feed in partnership with Comcast Digital Cable prepared and served a delicious salmon dinner for our shelter guests last week. The salmon to be served has been donated by fisherman that participated in the PFC Geoffrey Morris Tournament on Lake Michigan.

The special meal was prepared by Executive Chef Scott Leysath and special guest David Draper. Alderman Cappelman and Illinois House Rep. Greg Harris joined CCO staff and residents for this special event! We are grateful to everyone who attended and made our shelter guests fill nourished and cared for.

Hunt.Fish.Feed uses wild game as a food source to help alleviate hunger in America. We are grateful that chose CCO for another amazing year!


Help Fight Hunger In Chicago!

CCO MealsJoin us for the Hunger Walk on June 29th! Registration begins at 7am and the walk begins at 8:30am at Soldier Field in Chicago. Over the past two years hunger walkers have supplemented CCO’s food budget by 14,980 pounds. This fun event has an enormous impact on our ability to feed hungry Chicagoans. Go to the Hunger Walk page to learn more. Thanks!

Help Alleviate Hunger in Chicago!


Hunger Walk Facts

– The Hunger Walk is a 5k (3.1 mile) walk along Chicago’s beautiful lakefront.

– The event will take place rain or shine on June 29th. Registration begins at 7am and the walk begins at 8:30am at Soldier Field in Chicago.

– Each person walking on behalf of CCO supplements our … Read More

Did You Know?

CCO Meals
Did you know that over 200,000 meals were served from the Cornerstone Community Outreach dining room in 2012? Trays were filled with hot, nutritious meals and served to families and single’s living in our shelter programs. Each Saturday our dinner guest program serves a meal to over 100 of our neighbors, as well.
Consistent, nutritious meals play an important role in allowing our shelter guests to focus on finding stable housing, pursue academic studies or employment training programs.
We are grateful to be able to offer this service to so many. And we would like to say a special thank you to the Greater Chicago Food Depository (GCFD). They provide healthy foods to CCO and so many other nonprofit organizations in Chicago. Each June the GCFD holds a 3 mile walk along Chicago’s beautiful lakefront. The event is open to the public and if you choose to walk on behalf of CCO our food budget increases automatically.
If you would like to fight hunger in Chicago by joining us at the 2013 Hunger Walk. Contact Beth at bnicholls@ccolife.org. If you would like to donate to the operation of CCO’s shelter programs and services click the Donate Now button on the right.