Back to School New Shoes Fundraising Program.


Santa Program is at it again, making a difference for the children!

Back to School New Shoes Fundraising Program.

“We’re fundraising to buy new back to school shoes for as many of the children at CCO as we can this year.

All donations through the link on this page will be used by the social workers to take the neediest of children on a shopping spree to buy one pair of new shoes (and maybe a pair of new socks if we raise enough money). We all know the back to school shopping is chaotic, but please take a moment to help at least one child start the new year with a brand new pair of shoes.” *

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Happy Earth Day!


This gallery contains 5 photos.

Happy Earth Day! We are looking to the future and have high hopes and plans for our shelter rooftop spaces. The renderings in the gallery are for both of our shelter buildings. Sylvia Center will be a site for an urban rooftop farm. The agricultural area will be cultivated by interested volunteers and shelter residents. … Read More

What A Difference!

A picture is worth a thousand words. As you can see, Clifton Avenue has undergone some enormous changes over the years. Our shelter residents, staff and neighbors have reaped the benefits of these improvements. Multiple renovations, new awnings, plants and decorative containers all make the outdoor space around the shelter more attractive and functional.

Would you like to get involved? We are planning to install festive outdoor banners on our Hannah House building along Clifton Avenue. If you want to contribute to this exciting project send us an email at Thanks!

Clifton Avenue 1980's CCO, Clifton Avenue