Team CCO Runner Interviewed by ABC7 News!

Ted Jindrich Interview

“I’m running for Cornerstone Community Outreach, it’s a homeless shelter for the city here and I help raise funds for them,” said runner Ted Jindrich.

Team CCO’s very own Ted Jindrich was interviewed by ABC7 News at the Bank of America Shamrock Shuffle! Click the image to watch the video clip. Ted is not only a member of Team CCO, he is a long-time supporter and volunteer.

Click here to find out more about Team CCO, what 2016 fitness events are available to you, and how your run can make a difference in the lives of homeless families and individuals.

Ted Jindrich, planting flowers outside CCO.

Homeless Vets and Moms with Children

Team CCO
Not a runner? No problem! Click on the Team CCO video above to find out why your support is important. There are so many ways to get involved through volunteer work, donating gently-used items, hosting a fundraiser, or making a personal financial donation. Your involvement improves the day-to-day lives of those we shelter.

Love to run and help others? Team CCO runs for homeless dads with children, moms with children, veterans, and more. Team CCO has six charitable fitness events available for team members in 2016.

Want to guarantee your entry for the Bank of America Chicago Marathon? Charity registration opens March 8th. Click here to join Team CCO and secure your entry for the Chicago Marathon.

Also, registration is now open for all the other Team CCO events. Click here to see all the exciting choices and new events!

Team CCO Info Session Feb. 25th!


~8k, Half-Marathon, Marathon, Triathlon and Mud Run?~
Join us for our Info Session on February 25th at 6:30pm, hosted at Everybody’s Coffee.

Team CCO is holding an info session and you are invited! Find out how you can be involved in Team CCO through this opportunity to learn how you can walk or run to help homeless families find housing. Meet the team, see what races we are running, and learn more about Cornerstone Community Outreach!

Click here to register today!


You Can Fight Hunger!

Hunger Walk

Save the date! The Greater Chicago Food Depository (GCFD) has announced that the 31st Annual Hunger Walk will be held June 25, 2016 at Jackson Park. Join Team CCO as we raise hunger awareness and raise CCO’s food credit with the GCFD. This family-friendly walk through Chicago’s beautiful Jackson Park, helps CCO fight food insecurity through meals for our shelter guests and groceries for our food pantry attendees.

Stay tuned for more information


Team CCO & Your 2016 Fitness Plan

BACM - Team CCO 2015

Are you thinking about your health and wellness resolutions for 2016? Consider being a part of Team CCO! Are you interested in a 5K, half marathon, full marathon, obstacle course, or a family-friendly walk to fight hunger? Team CCO offers many opportunities to raise funds and awareness while improving your heath and reaching new fitness goals.

BACM - Team CCO 2015

Team CCO at the Bank of America Chicago Marathon!

Congratulations Team CCO for completing the 2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon! The Team has trained for the big event and fund raised for the shelter guests at CCO.We’re proud of everyone who “went the distance” to help alleviate homelessness in Chicago! Volunteers at the marathon had a great time and helped make the Team CCO charity tent special!

It’s not too late to support the Team.

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Want to learn more about charitable fitness? Visit our Team CCO page.

26.2 Miles!

Team CCO will be going the extra mile to help alleviate homelessness on Sunday, October 11th. Runners are cheered on by over 1.7 million spectators as they jog through 29 Chicago neighborhoods. We are proud of our team and look forward to seeing them cross the finish line!

Show your support for the team by donating toward one team members run. Your donation will benefit our shelter guests who rely on CCO for shelter, nutrition, and assistance in working toward housing.

Thank you!

Handling Hot Long Runs

Handling Hot Long Runs
Do Not Let the Hot Weather Damper Your Training Spirit 
Chicago weather can be very unpredictable. Use these last few long runs as practice for a potentially hot marathon day. If we have an especially warm or humid day in these last few weeks of training, be sure to do your scheduled run. Do not avoid your run, thinking that the October race day will be cool. The Chicago Marathon got cancelled after a few hours in 2007 due to hot temperatures with high humidity, so very hot October weather is a very plausible situation. You need to train in the heat and humidity in the event we have another very hot Chicago Marathon race day. However, if the relative humidity and temperature meet in the extreme danger section of the above chart, it is wise to train indoors. After all, the race would be cancelled under those conditions anyway.
Keep your head up during these last few weeks of training, even if the heat and humidity make your runs tougher than they have been thus far. Think about how far you have come, especially if this is your first marathon training experience. Even if you have to slow down your pace, don’t worry. Just remember all of the things you have already accomplished and the major milestone you are about to conquer in a few weeks. Remember all the people and causes you are raising money for, and do not forget all of the family and friends cheering you on and donating money to your fundraising pages.
Also, remember that it is ok to slow down on hot, humid days. Pace yourself by listening to your body. I always preach the conversational pace for long runs (i.e. you should be able to carry on a conversation while running), and the long, hot run is no exception. However, your pace may be even slower than usual, so be sure to make yourself feel comfortable with that even before you head out for your run. Your long runs will, on their own, be chances for you to slow down a bit from your shorter distance pace, but on a hot day, you will have to slow down even more. This will mean more time on your feet. Think of it this way, the longer you are on your feet, the more you are building your endurance. The slower, longer effort you put in during a very hot long run is definitely helping you, even if you do not feel full of energy at the end of it.

Hot, humid days usually lead to humbling training runs. However, know that you are teaching your body to push while under difficult conditions. You are going to feel super strong if your race day turns out to be any less difficult than your hot training runs.

They already think you’re crazy…


I was running along the Lakefront Trail the other day training for the Bank of America Chicago Marathon with Team CCO, and I was passing, though slowly, a pair of runners, whom I’ll call Pink and Blue. I heard the best marathon fundraising advice, ever!

Between strained breaths:
Pink says: I’m not doing well with my fundraising.
Blue replies: Why?
P: I don’t know how to ask, what will they think?
B: Seriously, it’s simple. Everyone you know will already think you’re crazy for running a marathon, so don’t worry about what they think of you, just ask!
P laughs loud, and I pass them by.

It is so true. So don’t worry about what people will think if you ask them, and remember it’s not for you, it’s to help homeless families and children get housed.

Happy training Team CCO runners, and happy fundraising to all!