CCO will start managing the Epworth Shelter this Friday!

No greater need to give shelter, than in the dead of winter.

Cornerstone Community Outreach was approached by the Inner Voice, coordinator of warming center/shelters in Chicago, at the end of December, about whether CCO was remotely interested in taking over management of a single men’s shelter in the Edgewater area of Chicago. The previous managing organization was not going to be able to. We were.

January 2nd, the pastor from Epworth Church, the home of the shelter, invited us to see the facilities, and asked if we were still interested. We were.

On January 7th, an agreement between the Inner Voice, Alderman Smith of the 48th Ward, the Chicago Dept. of Human Service, Epworth and CCO, was made.

So starting this Friday, CCO will be providing a warm, safe place for sixty-five single men. This shelter was started by Epworth twenty odd years ago, out of the need of the community, and the compassion of its congregation, and we are honored to be able to be apart of that legacy.

If you are interested in more info or being a part of the hands on work, please contact us.

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