Educated, Employed & Homeless…

“When I saw a homeless person I saw a ‘bum.’ Now, when I see a homeless person I see myself.”

Educated, employed, hardworking and homeless… This video gives a brief look into the trials of persons with unexpected health issues and how these issues make getting housed more difficult. It briefly explores the heartache of seeing your own children homeless and the despair that ensues. The footage also touches on the unexpected trial awaiting families that have older male children. Many family shelters will not admit males over age 8 or 10.

The recession has unleashed a new wave of homeless families. Our hope is that shelters and housing geared towards those most effected by the economic downturn can continue to doing their important work. At CCO, we believe that families should be supported and guided through homelessness to secure housing regardless of health problems, families size, age, gender or beliefs.


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