Epworth Shelter, facts and funds.

Cornerstone Community Outreach has again responded to the needs in Chicago, and has started a new, much needed shelter and day time program for homeless, the Epworth Shelter.   As temporary as an overnight shelter can seem, many of the sixty-five men who stay, call Epworth home.  A home where you are safe, warm, have nutritional meals, and in the company of your friends, is what we all need.  These men are no different.   They might be down on their luck, but they may need just a nudge in the right direction to rediscover their independence.  That’s what we do.

You know that CCO has been helping the homeless and needy for over 20 years, and this is nothing new to us.  What is new is how this group of men is being helped.  Before we took over this shelter, their access to supportive service and referrals was limited.
During the day, these men work directly with our staff who provide what is most needed for each individual.  For some it is job referrals.  Some need assistance gaining access to much needed disability or medical benefits.  More than half of the men are over the age of fifty, closer to sixty, and re-joining the workforce can be tough. But now, using the existing staff and networks that CCO has built up, these men can and will have the opportunity to succeed.

As always, money becomes an issue.  The City of Chicago has committed to provide the bulk of the money, ninety-thousand dollars, and CCO needs to raise an additional thirty-thousand.

The worth of this program greatly outweighs the cost, and we are grateful to offer these most needed services.

You can be a part of this success, make a donation to Cornerstone Community Outreach today.   We know financial times are rough, but can you commit $25.00, or $100, or $250, $500, or $1000.00?  How ever much you can, will make a difference.


Andrew Winter

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