Food Bags, a signifier of the economy?

Cornerstone gives out groceries every Wednesday, mostly non-perishable items, but some meat and vegetables also when available. We call it Food Bags.

Over the past few years, approximately 150 households have come to pick up their groceries each week. However this May, and specifically on May 13th’s count, that number grew to 208. Those 208 households break down to 341 individuals being helped each week.

Do we see this trend continuing? Yes. As jobs get harder to get and keep, and housing issues continue to arise, more people will find themselves in a place of need. For some this will be a position they have never been in before. So the need for food grows, and along with it our commitment to each person who is in need.

Thankfully with your help and the help of the Greater Chicago Food Depository, these families and individuals can and will continue to make ends meet in a depleting economy.

For more information about our Food Bads or our overall food program, contact us.



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