We need you!

Brenda and Rich

We need you to walk the Hunger Walk for CCO! Last year, 61 people walked at 5k along Chicago’s beautiful to help alleviate hunger in Chicago.

Learn more about the Hunger Walk here. If you have any additional questions contact Beth at bnicholls@ccolife.org


214 Pounds of Food!

How much do you weigh? Don’t answer that! No matter what you weigh if you participate in this years Hunger Walk you will add 214 pounds of nutritious groceries to our food account! These food items are used to feed our shelter residents and dinner guests and are distributed through our food bag program! Click “Get Involved” in the menu above and then click “Hunger Walk” for more information. Thank you!

Join us for the Hunger Walk!

Join us for the Hunger Walk!

Help Fight Hunger In Chicago!

CCO MealsJoin us for the Hunger Walk on June 29th! Registration begins at 7am and the walk begins at 8:30am at Soldier Field in Chicago. Over the past two years hunger walkers have supplemented CCO’s food budget by 14,980 pounds. This fun event has an enormous impact on our ability to feed hungry Chicagoans. Go to the Hunger Walk page to learn more. Thanks!

Walk for CCO!

Join us for the Hunger Walk!

Join us for the Hunger Walk!

Join us for the Hunger Walk on June 29th! It will be another great year walking along Chicago’s beautiful lakefront. Each person walking on behalf of CCO will count as 214 pound food credit for our shelter residents, food pantry patrons and dinner guests. Just by walking you can help alleviate hunger in Chicago. Click on the image above to join the team. Thanks!

Help Alleviate Hunger in Chicago!


Hunger Walk Facts

– The Hunger Walk is a 5k (3.1 mile) walk along Chicago’s beautiful lakefront.

– The event will take place rain or shine on June 29th. Registration begins at 7am and the walk begins at 8:30am at Soldier Field in Chicago.

– Each person walking on behalf of CCO supplements our … Read More

CCO’s Food Bag Program

Hunger in ChicagoTomorrow is Wednesday which is food bag day. Volunteers will arrive early to set up tables and chairs. They will begin to set up food items on the tables and prepare for the program to start. Over 150 people will leave CCO with bags of nutritious food. Many attendies are senior citizens or are physical challenges and they need help with basic items in order to pay rent each month. It is our joy and privilege to provide this service to Chicagoans in need.


Save The Date

Hunger Walk 2012Save the Date! On Saturday, June 29, 2013 the 28th Annual Hunger Walk will take place in Chicago at Soldier Field. Participants will walk 3 miles in an effort to raise awareness and funds for food insecure Chicagoans. Keep checking back for more info and how you can join in the fun!

200,000 Meals Served in 2012…

Meals at CCO

An estimated 200,000 meals were served from the CCO dining room in 2012. Shelter guests residing at CCO are offered 3 meals a day and each Saturday our neighbors in need are welcome to join in our Dinner Guest food program.

To many of us, food is such an routine and expected provision that we forget it’s importance. But for those who are hungry it is no small matter. Consistent, nutritious meals helps to stabilize moods and focus peoples attention on important tasks. It can help break people free of a survival mentality.

With your continued support we are able to serve meals that bring warmth and hope to our shelter guests and neighbors. Thank you for nurturing people in this way.

Valuable Volunteers…

Marine Corp Volunteers

In 2012, volunteers clocked in over 33,000 hours of service at CCO! Our volunteer groups come from Chicago and all over the United States and beyond.

We value our volunteers and rely on their hard work to keep meal times and important programs like Food Bags and the Free Store running smoothly. Are you interested in getting involved? Click on the ‘How to Help’ section to learn more.

Thank you!

Fresh From CCO!!!


Fresh from CCO!!!

Today, over 150 neighborhood households came to CCO to “shop” through fresh fruits and vegetables, canned goods and boxed food items. Without the CCO Foodbag Program many people would struggle to pay rent and get the food they need each month.

The Greater Chicago Food Depository reports that many food insecure Chicagoans find themselves having to choose between prescription medication and food. Often choices have to be made that weaken the health or well being of persons in need. This is a special concern as we have observed more and more senior citizens in need of food help.

Your on-going support makes this program possible! Thank you!