Freestore Public Day : 65 Shop!

“I can find a lot of clothes for my family at the Freestore.  I don’t have to worry about going out and buying clothes while I’m homeless. I can always find something new and CCO has a good variety. That’s how I’m blessed by the Freestore.”    – Victoria, Freestore patron

Over 65 Uptown neighbors shopped through free clothing and household items last week at the Cornerstone Freestore! Your gently-used donated items make the Freestore possible.

Families and single adults sheltered at CCO shop in the Freestore each week to meet basic clothing needs. Over 80% of new shelter guests have no income and even shopping at a thrift store is not possible. The CCO Freestore stands in the gap and your donations help those in need find basic essentials that will help them find clothing for school, job training, employment interviews, or just day-to-day living.

Thank you for supporting our shelter guests and neighbors in this way! If you haven’t donated goods to CCO in the past consider donating your gently-used items. Spread the word, and let your co-workers, neighbors, and church members, know that they can donate gently-used items or financially! Click here to learn more.

If you are in need of clothing, shoes, and household items visit the Freestore on our next public day, September 28.

2,920 Visits to the Free Store


Free Store

2,920 Visits to the Free Store

“A lot of people who visit the Free Store come from dire circumstances. They often don’t have enough clothes, maybe just a few things in a bag. Or they come to CCO with nothing. We’ve had lots of fire victims, people fleeing bad situations, or folks living on the streets, who only have what they could carry. They are welcome to come and get what they need.”
– Harmony Canfield, Free Store Supervisor

Donated clothes and household items are displayed in the CCO Free Store. Once there, shelter guests and our neighbors are able to choose clothing essentials. The Free Store is truly a vital service to our shelter guests who arrive at CCO with no money or income. It is a blessing to families, single adults, and our neighbors in need.

Thank you for celebrating a few of CCO’s wonderful successes from 2016! In 2017, we hope you continue to be a part of the fabulous things happening in the lives of those experiencing homelessness. Please consider making a generous donation today!

Celebrate with Us : 2016 Annual Report

Take a moment to celebrate the successes of 2016 with us! We were overjoyed to see 269 shelter residents move from homelessness to housing, 48 people became employed while living at CCO, and over 200,000 plates of nutritious food were served to families and single adults experiencing homelessness. Over 300 people were helped with accessing birth certificates and essential identification, the CCO Free Store saw 2,920 visits for necessary clothing and household items, and over 22,500 bags of groceries went home with our food pantry patrons.

Thank you for joining us in celebrating a few of CCO’s wonderful successes from 2016. In 2017, we hope you continue to be a part of the fabulous things happening at in the lives of those experiencing homelessness. Please consider making a generous donation today!
CCO 2016 Annual Report Front

A Flood of Volunteers

The water just kept pouring in as we were hit hard by a torrential summer storm a few weeks ago. Youth Works June 2015

After salvaging what donations we could we began the daunting task of sorting through mounds clothing that had been sitting in over 5 inches of water before they began to mildew. Luckily, our first YouthWorks group of the summer arrived that day eager to help in any way possible. Armed with gloves and trash bags they sorted and transported over 200 bags of clothing and completely cleared out our clothing donation room in just 4 days! It’s been years since we’ve seen bare floors in this space and we would like to thank our YouthWorks volunteers from West-side Christian Church, Cambridge Lutheran Church and Maple Plain Community Church for the flood of assistance they provided. Without their help much of the donated clothing would have been lost to water damage meaning that our Free Thrift Store racks would have been quite bare this summer. Thank you so much for your hard work and willingness to serve YouthWorks!

“I Give Back”

Northwestern U
This Saturday, May 16th Cornerstone had the pleasure of participating in Northwestern University’s Day of Service. Their slogan for the day was “I give back” and that is exactly what they did. This group of 22 students paid no heed to the oppressive humidity or warm temperatures as they gave their all at sorting mounds of clothing donations.
Five flights of stairs to the Free Store? No problem. In two and a half hours this group sorted, labeled and transported 103 boxes and bags of clothing, shoes and accessories, filled 3 bins for clothing recycling, and effectively blew one Volunteer Coordinator’s expectations out of the water. These rockstars of service accomplished in just a few short hours what would have taken staff members weeks to accomplish on their own. Thank you Northwestern University for choosing to serve at Cornerstone Community Outreach with such an exceptional team of volunteers!
– Sarah Wright,
Cornerstone Volunteer Coordinator

CCO Free Store

CCO Free StoreDon’t throw away those gently-used clothes! The CCO Free Store is looking for Chicago Public School uniforms and winter wear of all shapes and sizes. The CCO Free Store had over 2,600 “shoppers” throughout 2012 and continues to serve anyone in need in 2013. If you have items that would be useful to others please drop them off at 4628 N. Clifton Avenue in Chicago. Thanks!

CCO’s Free Store…

CCO Free Store

Did you know?

Over 2,600 “shoppers” got clothing, household items and more at our Free Store in 2012. Your donated items allow us to offer this vital service to our residents and neighbors. Often families and individuals come to CCO with literally nothing but the clothes on their backs. The Free Store allows our residents and neighbors to get the items they need to begin to reestablishing their lives.

If you are interested in donating new or gently used items feel free to drop them off at 4628 N. Clifton Avenue, see the front desk personnel for assistance. Currently, the Free Store is looking for donations of maternity, plus-size, children’s clothes, socks and undergarments.

If you are interested in making a monetary donation to the programs and services that support CCO’s shelter residents click on the Donate Now button below.


Did You Know?

 Free Store image

Did you know?

Our Free Store had over 2,600 “shoppers” throughout 2012. This includes our shelter residents and neighbors in need. Your donations make this vital service possible.

The Free Store continues to open it’s doors each week to anyone with needs. Currently, we are looking for donations of mens shoes and boots, jeans of all sizes, maternity and plus-size clothing. New or gently-used items are accepted at 4628 N. Clifton Avenue in Chicago. Thank you!

Winter Is On It’s Way!


Winter is on it’s way! Our residents are in need of new or gently used winter clothing. Coats, scarves, hats, gloves, mittens, boots, all help battle the cold and keep winter out while children head to school or parents head to work or job training.

If you have items to donate please drop them off at your convenience at 4626 N. Clifton Avenue in Chicago. The person at the front desk will assist you. All donations are offered to our residents at no cost through our Free Store.

Thank you!