Chicago’s Housing Crisis

There is not a single county in the U.S. where a full-time minimum wage worker can afford even a one-bedroom apartment at what Housing & Urban Development determines to be the Fair Market Rent. -Habitat for Humanity
On Tuesday, February 28th the American Indian Center hosted a subsidized housing sign-up for Mercy Housing Lakefront. Over 500 men and women stood in line through the winter night for the opportunity to get one of the 125 units available at 6am. The huge number of people clamoring for the chance to get safe, affordable apartments speaks to the housing crisis that plagues America.
Unfortunately, the lack of housing in Chicago may be apparent only to those who stay up through the night to witness the long lines of homeless and precariously housed people, standing for hours for the few subsidized spaces available.
For those weathering the 30 degree temperatures, an affordable apartment unit would not be a luxury, it would be an opportunity to get out of the shelter or substandard housing they are currently in.  A few CCO residents were among those who will be moving into a Mercy Lakefront apartment in the near future. While we rejoice with them, we continue to search for housing for many single men, women and families with children who reside at CCO.
Mercy Housing Lakefront is an organization that provides subsidized housing to those who cannot pay standard market rent. They currently manage 21 properties and serve more than 2,800 residents. We are grateful for all they do on behalf of the homeless.