Help for Homeless Veterans

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“Veteran homelessness is down 24% since 2010,” according to the Heartland Alliance for Human Needs & Human Rights. “VA cannot do it alone. Organizations and individuals in communities across the country are integral to providing services to Veterans and spreading the word about the resources VA provides to end and prevent homelessness among Veterans.”

CCO is proud to network and collaborate with the US Veteran’s Administration. Every other week VA workers come on-site and meet with veterans regarding housing, benefits, medical and mental health services.This statement if from the US Department of Veterans Affairs website.

To learn more about the Veteran Administrations “Help for Homeless Veterans Campaign, click here.

Veteran’s Day will be here soon…

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The National Coalition for the Homeless estimates that 33% of the male homeless population are veterans. Among these men, 89% had an Honorable Discharge.

We are grateful for the opportunity to work along side men and women who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces. We have rejoiced with many residents who have obtained permanent housing with assistance from the case management team, Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing, and our partner agencies.

To learn more about homeless veterans in America click here.

Memorial Day

Today is Memorial Day and everyday at CCO we are honored to shelter and serve a small army of homeless veterans. We’ve rejoiced with the men and women who have worked tirelessly to secure housing. And our hope is that one day all the men and women who gave so much would be able to have a home to call their own. To read more about being a homeless vet in America click on the image below…

This image is from the Department of Veteran Affairs.

This image is from the Department of Veteran Affairs.