2016 Application How To


The Bank of America Chicago Marathon has a multi-step application and registration process, and we want to help you better understand it!*

How to gain access through the Charity Guaranteed Entry starting March 8th

  1. You Join Team CCO via our Crowdrise page.
    1. Then you submit the Team CCO Participant Waiver and Commitment Form.
  2. Team CCO will send you a unique Chicago Marathon registration link.
  3. You fill out the application for the Chicago Marathon using the unique link.
    (You will submit credit card at the time of application, and will be charged once application is approved.)
    Application Page
  4. Once you have successfully applied, you will receive a notification from the Chicago Marathon that your application is pending and have access to the Athlete Center.
    Athlete Center Pending
  5. Team CCO reviews your application for acceptance within 24 hours.
  6. Once approved you will receive notification via your email you applied with that you have been accepted. Also your status in the Athlete Center will move from Pending to Approved
    Athlete Center Approved

That’s it! You will now be fully registered for the Chicago Marathon as a member of Team CCO! If you have any questions along the way, email us at teamcco@ccolife.org.

*There are two ways to get a marathon entry; through the guaranteed lottery, or with a guaranteed entry. There are a few ways to get a guaranteed entry; a charity entry, a legacy entry, time qualifier, prior year deferment, and the International Tour Group program. We will be first discussing the Charity guaranteed entry method. The Charity Guaranteed entry is for those who want to run and fundraise for Team CCO. Using a charity guaranteed method will get you a secured entry into the Chicago Marathon, give you access to the team benefits, and will help you raise much needed money to help the homeless get housed!