The Top 3

I want to personally welcome you to Team CCO for the Bank of America Chicago Marathon!
Your commitment to the mission of Cornerstone Community Outreach, and your personal journey, will be a rewarding experience. Yes I said will be! Many on Team CCO and I know this from personal experience in running the Chicago Marathon, and seeing the direct impact our fundraising has for the families who are sheltered at Cornerstone. Cornerstone’s website says the average cost per night of shelter is $22. So depending on your fundraising goal, if you hit just your minimum you will provide around two months of shelter and supportive services for someone in need. Your journey has value beyond the 26.2!
To get us all started, I want to to clue you in on the Top-3 for Team CCO:
#1 Training, #2 Fundraising, #3 Team Connections.

#1 Training

It has been shown that training is the most important aspect of a successful marathon. So to provide that, we have partnered with Chicago Area Runners Association (CARA) for training. If you are new to marathons, or want to get better, they have the method for you. This symbiotic relationship between runner-charity-training is amazing and super beneficial.
There are two training options that you as a Team CCO member can chose from, Group Training or Virtual Training. Below are some details, and when registering be sure to chose the option that matches. Ignore the rates on the website, we get a huge discount!
  • Virtual Training is being provided for free by Team CCO as a benefit to every team member, and if you aren’t choosing Group training, please do register for this! Be sure to select “Virtual Training LOCAL OPTION”
  • Group Training, like last year, this has a cost of $100.00. If you select Group Training, you can either increase your fundraising goal by $100 and conquer it over time, or donate the $100 to your Team CCO Crowdrise page as soon as you want. Be sure to chose the once called “Group Training (New CARA Members & Charity Team Runners)”
To register, click here: Read the details of locations and times, then click Sign Up!. Once on the form, chose which of the two options mentioned above suit you. When registering, in the Discount Code field, if you chose Group Training enter CCOCP, for Virtual LOCAL enter CCOCPVL.  Your fee should be $0 after that!
For assistance in registering, check out CARA’s video , or email me. Once registered you’ll get an email with lots of details from CARA, and I’d love an email knowing you were successful.

#2 Fundraising

Like any good relationship, communication is key. And as a charity runner, we can work to have or create relationships around our passion for the cause we are engaged in. Others will recognize that in you as you learn more about the cause, and share that knowledge with your people.
Familiarize with the mission –  Like energy put into training our bodies to run, a little training on who Cornerstone Community Outreach is and the work is does is needed.
  • Your first source of information about Cornerstone is it’s website There are many posts in the area of the services offered, successful client stories, and broader information about homelessness too.
  • Secondly, Cornerstone’s facebook page includes photos, activities and stories that have been part of the work.
  • Listed below are Cornerstone’s other social media accounts, which mirror the website and FB account
Join/Follow/Like the mission – Cornerstone is on most social media platforms, to provide access for a broad audience. Additionally, Team CCO has it’s own, for issues also relative to the work of the team. Consider joining/liking all that you feel are relevant for you
Share the mission – now that you’re educated and connected, time to share all you know and are passionate about.
  • It is most effective if you have personalized your Crowdrise page. Your story, your hopes, your passions.
  • Your Crowdrise page has links for sharing on Facebook, Twitter and a URL share option too.
  • Write personal emails to people who you hold dear and share your crowdrise link with them.
  • Encourage your people to not only go to your crowdrise page, but to go to the other sources above, so they can also become aware of it all

#3 Team Connections