Tips for Staying Injury-Free

  1. Ditch the flip flops! They have no lateral or arch support, and can lead to all kinds of misalignment issues, which cause pain in the knees, hips, and back. My clients show huge improvements in ailments involving these three body parts, simply from removing this type of shoe from their closets. While training for an endurance event, your body already takes a beating with your long runs, so don’t put it through even more by wearing shoes that require your toes to work overtime just to keep them on!
  2. Find the running shoe that fits! Visit a quality running shoe store in your area to find the perfect shoe for you and your needs. Running specialty stores have trained, knowledgeable staff who will inquire about your history of running, weekly mileage, upcoming races, etc. to be sure they are putting you in a shoe that will meet your needs. This is a another big one for our clients – when they get fitted for a running shoe by a professional, many of their aches and pains disappear, and they realize running was not the culprit causing knee pain – it was the shoes all along! Don’t let wearing the wrong running shoe get in the way of you achieving your running goals!
  3. Follow your program! We have created a training program just for you and your level of fitness. Try to follow your program to the best of your ability. We find that sometimes clients have a hard time getting in the runs that they should be completing on their own. While we understand life sometimes gets in the way, we also know that it is not safe to stray off of the program too much. Expecting to be at peak physical condition and ready for the race you are training for after only completing one run per week is just crazy. We design the programs in a very precise way – to get you to the finish line while avoiding injuries. Stick to your goals and get your runs in! Otherwise, you may regret it on race day – even if race day seems very far away right now! If you are injured or feel an injury coming on, be sure to contact Coach Seth to adjust your training program and to get advice on when it is time to visit your health care provider.
  4. Eat well! Proper nutrition is a huge part of running. The energy sources that your body taps into during endurance training need to be the right kind. If they are not, your muscles will fatigue faster, and you won’t perform at your best. While the KopfRunning coaches are not experts in nutrition, we do have a nutrition guru as one of our team members. Tom Jordan, MS, RD, CPT is our nutritional consultant and is an excellent resource to our current and prospective clients. Check out the Nurtition Webinar here.

Coach Kopf