In from the Cold, Warming Center’s are warm and safe.

Today, together, we meet one of the most basic human needs.  Shelter.

With temperatures plummeting to -3°F, but feeling like -30°F with wind chill, it is dangerous not to have a place to be.

When the weather is as extreme as this, CCO opens its doors to serve as a Warming Center, “…where any resident can go during periods of extreme cold temperatures to stay warm and safe.”

Though the majority of people who are homeless are able to find a place at night, many shelters for single women and men do not have the ability to operate during the day, even on days like today.

If you know someone in need, and are near us, drop by or call us at 773-271-8163.  If not, then call or have them call 311 in Chicago, or go to the City of Chicago website for addresses and phone numbers.

Please keep those who are homeless in your thoughts or prayers this Holiday Season.

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